Thursday, March 17, 2016

Eldar Craftworld background and color scheme

Starting up Eldar for the ITC season and wrote up a quick background for my craftworld. Gave myself an excuse for weathered Eldar.

I'm getting a hexagon airbrush stencil, which will be sprayed in white on the front right of the jetbike and a Eldar style sword decal on the front left. So how the bike looks now will change. Also only the models with cloth robes will have bone color. Guardians on bikes will be black and red.

The back ground isn't finished yet and its just a rough draft. A few things I want to add and change. So I apologize if things are misspelled and sentence structure is all over the place.

Eleven thousand years ago the eldar race was in moral and spiritual decline. There was a gradual slide into sensual excess with the rise of cults of pleasure. The worship of the eldar gods declined and a perverse new god gestated in the warp as the quest for excess crossed the line into outright evil. Those eldar able to see their empire rotting try to convince their people to quit the perversions they indulge in. Falling on deaf ears the eldar that can flee in the craftworlds go as far from the core of their civilization as possible. One such craftworlds was Cal-Lom, their leader Farseer Altoalic guided his people to the far east of the galaxy looking for a system to colonize. Dead worlds and fully inhabited ones were all they found. Altoalic refused to exterminate any race inhabiting those planets. Cal-Lom remained on their craftworld near a large space anomaly that soothed the psychic turmoil in the minds of the Cal-Lom eldar, which held back the pain developing in the minds of the eldar in Cal-Lom. This turmoil reached a boiling over point and with a unified scream of everyone on the craftworld the dark god Slaanesh was born. Trillions of sentient beings died as the centre of the galaxy collapsed into the Immaterium, leaving the Eye of Terror in its place. The eldar civilisation shattered, and the psychic backlash of Slaanesh’s ascendance cursed the immortal souls of all eldar. Altoalic meditated on what to do for his people and decided to continue the search for a habitable planet. He decree that the craftworld would stay close to the anomaly to study and learn from it, while small sleek ranger ships would search the nearby systems for a planet. Soon after the ships departed the anomaly shrunk in on itself and in a flash of color expanded tenfold its original size. The centre of it turning white and disgorging large bone and metallic ships. Hundreds of these ships left the anomaly and immediately attacked the craftworld with blue streams of plasma wreathed lightning. Cal-Lom defended itself but it was outnumbered and too many ships had left to search for a planetary home. After hours of fighting the enemy limped back to the anomaly with only a few dozen ships. After passing through the white storm it collapsed in on itself and returned to its normal setting. But before they could retreat into the anomaly, a single sleek eldar craft followed them through. Craftworld Cal-Lom was nearly destroyed, whole habit domes were shattered and left lifeless. The invaders had boarded Cal-Lom and took live and dead eldar with them as well as artifacts of the craftworlds past. Rage flowed through the minds of Cal-Lom, after everything that had happened to their people this had thrown craftworld Cal-Lom over the edge. Altoalic met with the survivoring farseers and decided on only one path: revenge through extermination. Repairs were slight and war manufacturing was at maximum. Spirit seers worked non-stop, there rage pushing them too new heights of destruction. Almost a year later the ship that traveled through the anomaly returned through real space with a location of the enemy. The race known as Kurlocs inhabited four systems. Moving Cal-Lom to a nearby system and hiding within a cluster of asteroids Altoalic had Cal-Lom’s rangers study the Kurlocs in each planet through stealth and guile. Learning much about there genocidal ways. The Kurlocs had wiped out other races in the past and kept trophies on each of there planets from the destroyed races. The eldar captured were killed and cased in some kind of bone and metal mix as statues in major cities. The rage the people of Cal-Lom felt grew and Altoalic asked the rangers to find a weakness to be exploited. After a few days of study it was obvious that the Kurlocs were a psychicly attuned race that built there civilisation through psychic means much like the eldar. The anomaly magnified the psychic resonance of Cal-Lom and projected it to the Kurlocs whose home planet orbited close to the other side of the anomaly. Altoalic conversed with the surviving spirit seers and came up with a bomb that would shut down the psychic parts of the Kurlocs minds. After capturing and testing on the crew of a Kurloc ship it was decided that the bomb would be the weapon of revenge. Placing several hundred on each Kurloc planet, Altoalic triggered these bombs through a psychic trigger. In a nanosecond every Kurloc died a agonising death, screams echoed through the warp and the eldar of Cal-Lom felt and saw the deaths of each Kurloc. Nine planets each with billions of lives stuffed out instantly. Nearly twenty percent of Cal-Lom died with the Kurlocs, there minds fried in psychic backlash. Spirit stone's shattering and releasing their souls to Slaanesh. Altoalic wept blood for a day before leaving Kayloth the only surviving spirit seer in charge of Cal-Lom. Ordering him to never make the same mistakes and then took the star walk. Altoalics spirit stone was locked away deep within the craftworld as
he asked for. Kayloth traveled alone to the homeworld of the Kurlocs and walked the cities. Bodies laid all around, the city in a perfect state. Kayloth contacted the remaining rangers asking to land as many ships as possible to transport pieces of the Kurlocs civilisation to the craftworld. Cal-Lom would from here on out be intertwined with the Kurloc. It did not take long to learn that the regret and anguish the craftworld felt was destroying them in multiple ways. No one could sleep, bonesinging was creating spiky abominations and wraith constructs were going into destructive rages. Kayloth knew that if something wasn't done soon then Cal-Lom was doomed. Searching the craftworld for anyone with a talent in bonesinging they worked four days trying to solve the craftworlds problem. Through and accident or miracle a Kurloc statue of a screaming eldar girl fell and shattered in the room Kayloth worked. It was a mix of black metal and bone, nothing organic left of the girl. On a whim Kayloth had the bonesingers work the statues pieces into a new statue. It worked flawlessly. Smooth and perfect but still mixed with black metal. Kayloth once again descended to the homeworld of the Kurlocs with the survivors of Cal-Lom and collected as much bone-metal as they could.

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