Wednesday, February 24, 2016

X-wing Scum and villainy Repaints

I play Scum and villainy for X-wing and wanted to paint up my own cartel. Went with black, gritty look and used forgeworld Raven Guard decals. I need to paint up more ships when I have time.



DURAND Eric said...

Playing X-Wing miniature game, I try to find some good idea to repaint my fighters and I found you !
You made a very good job !
I think I'll paint thinking you made...
But where did you find white decals ?
In France is impossible and I don't find some which could be all right with Star Wars world like you found...
Bests regards

Primarch 83 said...

Hey! The decals are Raven Guard space marine decal sheet from forgeworld. Cheers

DURAND Eric said...

Hello !
Thank you very much for your answer.
Bests regards