Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wolf ven dread. And traitor guard test mini

Working on a forgeworld space wolf ven dread for a customer. The arms are multi melta and close combat, magneted up and ready for paint. Hopefully have them done in a day or two, to post up all done.  Thinking that the dread could use alittle more weathering. Since it is my belief that space wolves wouldnt clean and "fully" repair armour until they return to the fang. More important to be fighting and killing then looking shiny and clean. Not that they dont have respect for the gear or anything like that. I might repaint the wolfs on the front. Thought before that brown would look best and not be to bright to take away from the grit. But now it looks like it they might be better a light grey or white, ot maybe even black. Hmmmmm. Also a have a test mini for some traitor guard commision that is in the works. Tell me what you think


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Anonymous said...

Great dread! Any progress?